The Violet Flame, Breath work and Yoga Nidra meditation


Yoga nidra med­i­ta­tion is a form of guided med­i­ta­tion that cre­ates a yogic sleep stage between being awake and sleep­ing. It is an active form of med­i­ta­tion that has the med­i­ta­tor fol­low­ing guid­ance to relax into this state of being simul­ta­ne­ously deeply relaxed and com­pletely awake.

Guided to explore body sen­sa­tions and breath, the med­i­ta­tor slowly moves into the depths of their being­ness, deeply lis­ten­ing and wel­com­ing all that arises into aware­ness when one in this ‘yogic sleep’ state.

When in this state, med­i­ta­tive inquiry goes beyond restric­tions placed by the mind, and oppor­tu­ni­ties are cre­ated to be with inter­nal con­flict and uncom­fort­able mem­o­ries with a new sense of ease. Nat­u­rally ush­er­ing in a greater under­stand­ing of Self.

Yoga nidra offers the means to enter in this unbounded space of non dual­ity aware­ness and be with a higher real­iza­tion of Self. In a yoga nidra ses­sion, we learn to trust our deeper Self thru the prac­tice of a wel­com­ing self accep­tance to all that we are which then births a greater sense of whole­ness and equanimity.

Cer­ti­fied Breath work

Ses­sions in breath work pro­vide the space for pro­found trans­for­ma­tion. When a ses­sion is focused on breath work, the cir­cu­lar style of non stop breath­ing moves the breath through­out the body in pow­er­ful ways to release blocks. Other more gen­tle meth­ods of bal­anc­ing the body through breath work may also be provided.

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The Vio­let Flame– The Flame of For­give­ness and Transmutation

The Vio­let Flame is an energy invoked that does not burn like an ordi­nary fire. It is a spir­i­tual fire pro­vid­ing the means for self trans­for­ma­tion as it puri­fies neg­a­tiv­ity and den­sity from all lev­els of our ener­getic field.

Onyx was drawn to the Vio­let Flame as she res­onates with the vio­let fre­quency, and has ben­e­fit­ted her­self from daily I AM mantras.

When one con­nects to their I AM pres­ence — their divine pres­ence of whole­ness– the Vio­let Flame will flow to free block­ages through the power of its high vibration.

Onyx enjoys shar­ing the spir­tiual alchemy of this fre­quency. It is a pro­found energy for any and all will­ing hearts to expe­ri­ence and use for themselves.

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For fur­ther infor­ma­tion on the Vio­let Flame, Patri­cia Cota– Rob­les is a won­der­ful resource to check out.

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