Cupping Massage, Suikudo, Thai Yoga Massage, Acupressure

Cupping MassageCup­ping Mas­sage is an effec­tive tech­nique to sup­port a mas­sage treat­ment. This tech­nique has a his­tory dat­ing back to Ancient China East­ern Europe and Iran. Using the cups as a tool, the prac­ti­tioner fol­lows the receiver’s body ten­sion, work­ing along mus­cle fibres, con­nec­tive tis­sue and nerve path­ways to pull up on scar tis­sue, remove stag­nant body flu­ids (lymph/blood) and break up deep adhe­sions in stuck tis­sue. Restric­tions loosen up so that mus­cles can move with greater range, less pain. The stim­u­la­tion of cir­cu­la­tion helps the skin with the increase of blood flow and healthy elim­i­na­tion of tox­ins is encour­aged. This work invig­o­rates the body and pro­duces heal­ing as it sedates the ner­vous system.

Suikudo means “The Way of Ancient Wis­dom”. It is a heal­ing prac­tice cre­ated by Mas­ter Kikkawa from his knowl­edge of active neu­rore­lease in con­junc­tion with tra­di­tional Japan­ese med­i­cine. Suikudo rec­og­nizes the prime role the brain plays in regards to the pres­ence of pain and dys­func­tion. There­fore Suikudo tech­niques aim to con­nect the ner­vous sys­tem and vital merid­ian path­ways in order to read­just the ner­vous sys­tem paths and trig­ger the brain for the body’s self heal­ing. Suikudo is a holis­tic approach as it brings the entire body into new, health­ier pat­terns of func­tion­ing. It also brings great relax­ation to the mind/body which in turn fur­ther pro­motes heal­ing. Onyx may incor­po­rate aspects of Suikudo within ses­sions to sup­port the treat­ment work.

Thai Yoga Mas­sage has its roots in both Indian yogic med­i­cine with its stretch­ing aspects to the body and with Chi­nese mas­sage as it also includes knead­ing work to spe­cific energy lines along the body. The prac­ti­tioner rhyth­mi­cally presses and stretches the body into yoga posi­tions, open­ing up the flow of energy within the body. Care­ful appli­ca­tion of pres­sure is then applied to the body’s ener­getic lines, which in Thai mas­sage are known as Sen chan­nels. These chan­nels run the full length of the body and by releas­ing energy blocks and stag­na­tion along them the body is reju­ve­nated. The entire sys­tem can be brought into a greater bal­ance as pain and ten­sion are released, leav­ing one relaxed and with greater flex­i­bil­ity. In her prac­tice Onyx may use some Thai tech­niques on the table dur­ing a RMT massage.

Acu­pres­sure ther­apy applies light to deep pres­sure on acupunc­ture points iden­ti­fied through­out the body. Par­tic­u­larly potent points are located on the arms, legs and around the head. On the feet, hands and ears this work is known as


reflex­ol­ogy where there are charted maps of reflexes on these smaller body parts that cor­re­spond to organs, glands and other larger body areas, so pres­sure to a point on the foot or hand will affect the cor­re­spond­ing area in the body. Acti­vat­ing spe­cific points with touch may bring about phys­i­cal, men­tal and emo­tional ben­e­fits. Onyx’s exper­tise in energy med­i­cine eas­ily incor­po­rates acu­pres­sure into a massage/energy heal­ing session.